71071 Price Service

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Receive the price of Agricultural Products via SMS

With this service, MasAgro Movil aims to empower farmers in Mexico to access the latest information on the market and sell their products at fair prices.

MasAgro Movil sends the user prices for fruit and vegetables via SMS on demand, quoted at the largest supply centers of Mexico City, Guadalajara and Nuevo Leon.

How to Use

It is very easy to use! Just send a text message to the 71071 number with the word “precio” (price) followed by the product and variety.

For example:

“precio tomate saladette ” to our 71071 number .

Quickly, the user will receive the product price point, commercial form and frequent price.
”Tomate Saladette – [DF Caja de 12 kg. P. FREC: $90.00 JAL Caja de 13 kg. P.Frec: $100.00 NL caja de 13 kg. P.Frec $60.00]

Availability of information

Users will have access to price information daily. Our servers are updated on working days at 10:00 am.
In case of a query before the update time or on a date outside business days the information will correspond to that of the previous working day.

*Note: In the future, MasAgro Movil will offer regionally specific prices to provide more relevant information to its users.