70808 Agricultural Information

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Receive information on the current agricultural cycle in your area!

MasAgro Movil provides information for the current agricultural cycle to your region or hub. By subscribing to our service you will receive information on the newest breakthroughs and practices of conservation agriculture, news of success in different agricultural regions, MasAgro-led events and information of interest of the agricultural sector.

Subscribe to our service

Just send a message to our 70808 number with the following information:
(MasAgro Region Occupation)

For example: masagro valles altos maiz tecnico

The following regions are available in our system together with the states that cover each region:

Click to view larger map

Click to view larger map

Agricultural information closer to you

MasAgro Movil’s goal is to provide specific information by region. In April, MasAgro Movil took the first steps in achieving this by launching a pilot project in the state of Guanajuato which will provide regionally specific information. To subscribe to the MasAgro Movil service and receive the latest information on your region in Guanajuato, sign up in the following way:

For example: masagro guanajuato altos agricultor

Here are the following ways to register to your region:


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When you try to register, you will receive the following message:

“Felicidades ALTA exitosa a la marcación 70808 de MasAgro Móvil”

In the future, we hope to expand this service to other states. We ask that you visit our page often to learn about the new developments MasAgro Movil has to offer.

If you do no receive the welcome message when trying to register, please contact us to help you register into our system.