CIMMYT and Mobile

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Two years ago CIMMYT moved into the mobile development arena, using mobile technology to achieve its mission of sharing information further within the agricultural value chain to increase smallholder farmers’ profitability and the quality and volume of production, as well as ensure food security.

Our Mobile Efforts:

In India, under the leadership of economist Surabhi Mittal, CIMMYT has launched a project to disseminate climate smart agricultural information via mobile phone in the form of voice messages. The pilot program is committed to disseminate information on climate, pests and the effects of climate change on agriculture. For now, the project reaches eight villages in the states of Haryana and Bihar with a total of 1,200 users; however, the goal is for the information to reach larger populations in the upcoming years.

Farmers who are registered in the system receive two voice messages each day together with a text message detailing further technical information. The system is bilingual, sending information to farmers in English and Hindi.

The objective is to clarify any doubts that farmers have about climatological smart technology, help them adopt technologies that can mitigate risks due to climate change and to measure the impact of how receiving information via mobile phones affects farmers.

You can find out about our efforts in Mexico on the other pages of this website – click here.


The MasAgro Movil team attend the mAgri working group which is led by GSMA, the global trade association for mobile network operators (MNOs) , who have a Mobile 4 Development team dedicated to assisting MNOs deliver scalable commercial mobile services that enhance the productivity and incomes of people living in poverty in emerging markets. The mAgri team is one part of this with a focus on agriculture. They work with mobile network operators, non-governmental organizations, development institutions and farmer organizations to jointly develop services that increase the productivity of smallholder farmers. mAgri seeks to improve access to information, expand financial services and create solutions for the agricultural value chain, all via mobile technology.

There are about 120 mobile solutions focused on agriculture worldwide.

For more information concerning the development of mobile technology in agriculture and GSMA, visit the mAgri deployment tracker.