Vision and Objectives

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Empowering farmers and optimizing the agricultural value chain in order to increase yields and profits in a sustainable manner through information distribution and the supply of financial services.

The long-term vision of MasAgro Movil is to offer products and services to the entire agricultural value chain in Mexico in order to improve agronomic practices, create new markets and trade opportunities and aid the agricultural sector of Mexico.

MasAgro Movil focuses on the following 4 points in the design phase of their products and services:

  • Adjust technology around customer needs
  • Create a product that is user-friendly and personalized the user’s needs
  • Follow and focus on the work of the customer
  • Provide relevant and regionally specific information

Together with our partners and CIMMYT, we hope to develop products and services that have big and lasting impacts in Mexico.


The objective of MasAgro Movil is to increase the productivity and income of farmers by providing services that reduce the information gap and financial exclusion. The goal of MasAgro Movil is to help construct an enabling ecosystem in the agricultural sector that enables access to information, technology, networks and financial products and services through innovative business models that can generate social impact.